Thursday, August 19, 2010

Its that time again!

Today has been incredibly eye opening... I broke up with the love of my life and feel somewhat empty but also super relieved at the same time? Weird how that works eh? I am getting ready to go back to the junior high for the third year in a row, teaching part time and planning on coaching still. Simply put... I am stoked to be back and thriving in a place where I know I make a difference in people's lives. I get to have a second ankle surgery on October 14th, it never got fixed in the first place. This year has simply been put... life changing. I have now signed up for my third surgery, I am officially a senior at UVU and in my last couple of semesters of school for my BA, so ready to be done. My heart is somewhat lost but I am good and glad to be alive and well. I have had such a fun year already and life goes on? Just wondering what the next year will hold...

Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 or twenty ten for that matter...

This year is shaping out to be interesting to say the least, I am having new twists and turns at every roadside stop it seems. It all started with my attempts at running again after the now infamous "texting while walking down stairs episode" of my life back from October. Well anyways, just to say that it was the most awkward running experience of my life would be an understatement... so I got into an ankle specialist who informed me that I was not CRAZY. MRI the next week showed severe tearing in my peroneal tendon in my ankle... four months I have been on this thing and no one has found that. I love doctors... anyways, he scheduled me for surgery which was the 16th of February. Last week I went in thinking it would not be that bad and that I would in fact be able to go back to work that same week. Holy crap, was I wrong! My foot is now referred to as the Elephantitis foot of the Goodwin Household. I can't say all is bad... just when I least expected it I met this guy, in fact I have known this guy since elementary school but always had a complex as far as talking to him. We ended up just going out somehow, not sure how it happened to be honest. However, he hung with the gimp all week and is still around. We will see how far it goes but it is always entertaining trying to date in Utah County.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Basketball Season!

I suck at blogging, but here goes an attempt to update my blog for the first time in seven months. I am still teaching at the junior high and coaching girls basketball too for the second year in a row. It has been an interesting transition going from not teaching full time to going full time, I am at UVU full time as well finishing up my Bachelor's in Secondary Education with a Health major, Middle Eastern Studies minor. I will eventually get an endorsement in Arabic, so I can teach at the high school. I think I might be mentally insane for trying to do school, coach, and teach full time. I love the insanity though.

Friday, March 6, 2009


My brother brought me a cupcake cake! It is amazing and on top of it, it is VIKING colors... haha And here are a few other pictures from throughout the day and evening! We went to Happy Sumo for Sushi! Yum... and went to Spoon Me afterwards for some yogurt, the name totally gets to me!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Muddy Shoes

Track season starts tomorrow and I am looking forward to an excuse in the middle of the day to workout and feel good again. Not only to mention that I can do something new with coaching with new kids. I am excited and ready to play.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nieces and Nephews... only a Nephew?!

So in May of this year I became an aunt and am so excited about it! It is a pretty cute situation but Linc is one in a million, the kid is a keeper for sure!